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Princess Airen

Server Attrition Rate

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Dear Players of Vice RO,

It has come to our attention that we are currently having low number of players in the game. With that being said, we would like to ask our small community of players to help our server grow and become better.

Since the start of the server, there has been some drastic changes to the style and game play of the server.
 We have adjusted some of the quest item requirements and other necessary gears. Added Events and added some more things for players to do besides farming. None the less, we are still low on player count.

Currently the Admin team is finding ways to invite more players in the server and is still under the process of doing so. We are also using paid ads now to boost the page activity and other matters that are needed to increase the server population. 

The Admin team is considering the following options to boost our server growth.

1. Increase rates of the server for 3 days (for existing player) and then broadcasting it after the said event to potential players.
2. Maintaining status quo and inviting players with heavy advertisements.

Out goal is to make the best game play and out staff is currently relentless to pursue such goals.

Please let us know what you think can also help the server grow.


Princess Airen

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