Game Masters

The dedicated team of Vice RO. All the information you need to know about them.

Name Designation Description
[GM] Airen Administrator GM Airen is new to the ragnarok server but is a very good administrator. Keeps track of all the server movements and the game. She is a great addition as her personality is ever so charming. <3 Vice RO is lucky to have an administrator that is kind and passionate.
[GM] Machi Police/Events GM Machi is the watchful eye of violators in the game. She keeps the integrity of the server safe and is always on the constant watch. Don't worry as she is friendly and will not jail you anytime soon.
[GM] Kosa Events A player who is dedicated to spice the game up! He is a natural Event GM. He makes sure that everyone is having fun.


The developer of the game. He is dedicated to maintaining and keeping Vice RO in tip top shape.

Name Designation Description
[GM] Adam Support

Helps you with questions about the server that are technical. The go to guy when you need something to get fixed regarding the game.

    Supports the following topics related to the game:
  • •Server Settings,Connection,Configuration
  • •Player Settings,Connection,Configuration
  • •Client Settings,Connection,Configuration
  • •Patcher Support
  • •Forum Support
  • •Web Support
  • •Social Media Support
  • If you have any troubles with the game, get support here!