Vice Ragnarok Online is a server dedicated to having a balanced, evenly paced game. It's goal is to create a community that is focused on competative gameplay while having fun. More importantly, the server's aim is to break the limits and create new gameplay/styles that can differentiate from a normal Ragnarok server to a pioneer server. What it brings to the table is the reconciliation between PVP and PVM as it caters to both and has equal opportunities for growth and fun.

We bring in the fun with our base rates for Job/Exp/Drop = 75x/75x/35x. MVP drops and Mini Boss Cards are disabled. Rates have been adjusted accordingly to cater to a more balanced server. Lastly, we offer events and gameplays that would surely bring out the best in you.

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Server Attrition Rate
on Thursday,2:32am 20/06/2019
Guild Package!
on Tuesday,5:56am 18/06/2019


Increased Rates!
on Saturday,6:31am 22/06/2019
8v8 Event
on Tuesday,5:53am 18/06/2019
Tag and Share Event [Facebook]
on Tuesday,5:50am 18/06/2019
on Thursday,1:08pm 16/05/2019